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Maternity photography workshop in Studio Imagine, Kettering

Hi everyone,

just wanted to share with you a few snapshots from workshop I had opportunity to attend at the end of June 2017.

I have been a big fan of Studio Imagine from the very beginning and I truly admire both lovely ladies who own this place.

Paulina Duczman and Magdalena Sienicka - both very talented and awarded photographers, one of the top portrait photographers in UK, they run this beautiful studio in Kettering and they put their hearts and souls into it, it was such a pleasure to meet them finally after few years of following them on social media and photographer's groups.

Great fun, so many poses, beautiful models, lighting techniques... it was truly inspirational.

Paulina and Magdalena are so lucky to have those large windows in studio, this natural light is just perfect to work with.

We were working with 2 expecting couples on that day:)

Look at this little photographer's assistant! He was goergous, he can't wait to see his little baby sister:)))

Thank you again girls for the welcoming atmosphere and all the tricks you have shared with us that day.

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