Portrait photoshoot for Eva.

Updated: Jan 28

Southsea is a magical place full of colours and lovely buildings. Ewa decided to have her portrait session in Old Portsmouth area, we are both in love in those narrow streets and the whole atmosphere in there. It was the end of summer. We caught the last warm rays of sun and had a really great time during the session. Look at her and look at the dress Absolutely gorgeous I am truly in love in all of the images.

As we all could experience covid times are challenging for everyone and Ewa has recently made a few but very important steps forward in her life. She was moving to new premises with her Blossom Boutique and not only. She also moved to a different house in the same time. You can imagine all the chaos:) You can now visit Ewa in her new stunning flower shop "Blossom Boutique" at 99 Palmerston Road, Southsea. Take a moment and just look at all the small details. Contemplate the harmony of the plants, see how amazing the flowers fill the energy inside the shop. Sit there and breathe the pure air around you. You can buy so many beautiful plants there and not only, Ewa's skills with creating the most stunning bouquets will blow your mind. Whisper your dream silently under the huge pink blossom tree and believe it will happen soon.

Blossom Boutique has always been my secret escape to a small paradise.

A quick update - in the lockdown you can still order flowers and Ewa with her team will deliver it locally.

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