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Baby Ava - My first lifestyle newborn photo session at client's house

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you this very special photo shoot which I did recently for a family celebrating a birth of baby Ava. Me and Ava's mum, Lisa, decided that we will go for a lifestyle newborn session and I was really excited about this new challenge as I always wanted to capture those unique moments with newborn baby in real, authentic surroundings - HOME. How simple!!!

I took my camera and lenses and I was driving to Guildford with head full of ideas and images bombing my brain like every second;) I love that feeling by the way;) Sounds crazy but it feels great:)

When I arrived I met this gorgeous family, baby Ava was sleeping and her 2 brothers were patiently waiting for what's going to happen in minutes. They were so well behaved and honestly - the cutest brothers ever.

Everywhere I looked I could see framed images of the family members from older generation and more present photos displayed on the walls showing the whole family together.

You could almost feel that this family has amazing history.

We started taking photographs in babies' nursery, the sun rays were coming through the windows in a magical way. The room was bright and very cosy, so we took first few photos of boys holding their sister. Lisa has put so much effort before the session to prepare all the clothes for children and baby and you can see how wonderful it looks on images. All those details are so important to create the perfect picture.

I am so proud of those 2 boys, they showed how much they care of their new sister and how exciting is to be around her. They were giving her a bottle and looking at every detail on her little face. It was very touching to watch.

We had so much laugh but we also had few breaks for feeding Ava and changing nappies and of course - break for coffee:)))))

We have promised boys that we will go for a walk in the forest and we will take their new toy - wooden wagon, so again - we captured fun, natural shots in magical forest literally few minutes away from their house! We also had perfect weather so we all enjoyed the walk.

Have a look at how the photos came out, the parents loved them so much!

Same as me.

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