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Photographer's guide to impress your loved one with a perfect gift.

Another Valentine's Day, birthday, Mother of Father's Day...or Christmas.

The stress is huge. I can almost see the big red question mark above your head flashing like a neon on the New York City busy street;) The big question is What to buy this year?

You have tried Pandora, perfumes, designer's handbag and trips to spa.

You are now at the point that you don't want to repeat your old ideas and need something extra and nothing too risky like jumping with the parachute;)

For the last 10 years I have been a portrait photographer and photographing people will never stop fascinating me.

There is something very special about portraits of women which makes them one of my favourite sessions I do.

In a team with a professional make up artist who does her magic prior the session like a fairy God Mother we are ready to pose:) You will be very surprise how huge boost of confidence that gives. First 10-20 minutes each woman is shy and need to be guided with posing, but after this time - believe me - something clicks and the body language says it itself - I am sexy , I am strong and powerful.

The smile, the spark in her eye, the confidence - this is something I adore watching during my sessions. It's just priceless.

What about a gift of a family photoshoot for your 70-year old mum or dad? If you want to see tears of happiness trust me and let me organise this session for you.

I have been photographing few generations families before and it is such a great fun. We just need the attitude - "LET's DO IT :))))))))))"

Your husband also deserved a professional photoshoot with kids. We can choose a location, prepare some clothes and get ready for fun.

As a photographer I always thank my clients who buy vouchers because this is a gift to keep for years. It will be cherished even more after time passes.

When next occasion comes up - I am her to help. Get in touch and I will create something extra special.

Anna x

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